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A Soil Sample Test is your first step to accurately evaluate the type of soil you have in your garden.

Stocking soil amendments is like having an onsite medicine cabinet so you can immediately treat imbalances or problems in your soil or garden. Below are soil amendments we like to have on hand.  Remember BALANCE - not OVERKILL when adding soil amendments.

NOTE: Unless in liquid form, soil amendments do not take effect immediately.  For optimum change to pH prepare soil several months prior to growing season.


Blood Meal is straight NITROGEN. Nitrogen is the first number on bags of fertilizer. It promotes that beautiful leafy green growth.  But BEWARE: too much nitrogen can burn your plants or created lots of green growth with sparse or no produce.  Research what your plant actually needs in Vegetables A-Z


Bone Meal adds phosphorous which increases crop yield.  The source of bone meal is just what you expect - ground up  bovine bones. The calcium infusion from bone meal helps plants develop strong and healthy cells and can also help prevent blossom-end rot in crops like tomatoes, eggplants and peppers. In powder form it is a slow release nutrient, i.e. takes a few weeks to be absorbed by the plant.


EPSOM SALT or magnesium sulfate. Used to boost growth for tomatoes and peppers.  Also used to repel armadillos and in an Organic Weed Killer instead of Roundup.  


Pelletized (not powdered) dolomitic lime is used to RAISE pH for a more alkaline soil.  It can also help with blossom end rot in tomatoes and squash.


Organic matter is like icing on a cake.  It can be incorporated into the soil bringing micronutrients plants love.  Mulch (like fine pine bark) is also organic matter and is used on top of soil around plant roots to retain moisture.  It can be tilled into the soil at the end of the season. For free mulch use untreated grass clippings or shredded leaves. Best of all is Compost which you can make yourself for free!  Learn about Compost


Ammonium Sulfate is used LOWER pH or to make soil acidic.  Your soil test or pH meter will guide you as the pH required for particular crops.


Sometimes red ants will be discovered near your shed or soil amendments.  To protect against nasty bites we have ant killer nearby to make them leave our garden.


Neem Oil is not a soil amendment but can be an effective organic fungicide miticide and insecticide.  When you see a problem it is important to act quickly.

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