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How To Take Action and Attract Volunteers


Identify Potential Volunteers


Senior Adults

Church Youth Group

Local School Service Clubs or Groups

Advertise a Garden Workday 

Post on website, social media, Sunday bulletin or

personal phone call.

Emphasize no experience necessary.

Bring hat, sunscreen and gloves.

For those unable to join Garden Workday publish

a list of new or used tools that can be donated.   

See Garden Tools

Pocket Watch in Hand

Garden Work Day is Here!
How to Maximize Volunteers

Work in the Cool of the Day

Limit Volunteer Time to Two or Three Hours

Plan Ahead Garden Tasks for Varied Age Groups:

Pickup and Deliver Garden Supplies; Cleanup Site; Serve Refreshments; Organize Tools and Shed; Clean Tools, Spread Mulch, Weed, Till, Divide and Pot Plants; Paint Fence; Harvest Produce, Deliver Produce, Build Shed, Fence, Trellis or Pergola. 


Feed the Troops!

Provide plenty of water

Snack Suggestions

  • Biscuits

  • Doughnuts or Bagels

  • Cookies or Brownies

  • Watermelon slices or fruit

  • Coffee

  • Iced Tea

  • Lemonade or Gatorade


Publicly Thank the Volunteers

Important:  Show your appreciation

and recognize their hard work.

Publish photos of your volunteers in your

Sunday bulletin, website or social media. 

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