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Tools on this list are available at local garden centers and thrift stores, or you may decide to accept donated tools for your giving garden.

Garden Tools: About

Hand Digging Tools

Buy quality steel, not plastic

  • 2 Pointed Shovels tall and short 

  • 1 Steel Bow Rake  

  • 4 Hand Trowels  

  • 6 child size trowels 

  • 1 Cultivator (claw) 

  • 1 Hoe  

  • 1 Cultivator Hoe (50 inch triangular) 

  • (1) 41 inch Spading Fork (short handled pitch fork for breaking ground or spreading mulch) 

Larger Equipment for Garden

  • Small Tiller (gas or battery) rent, borrow, or purchase $400.00

  • Sturdy hand held sprayer 1-2 gallon (note: The $10.00 variety does not last, so you'll want to invest in good quality)

  • Rotary Cultivator 

  • Wheelbarrow (non-inflatable tires) 

  • Atree pH meter, 3-in-one Soil Tester for Mositure, Light and pH Test 

  • Adjustable metal garden hose nozzle 

  • Brute Trash Can (10 gallon) 

  • (3) 5 gallon plastic buckets with lids to store fertilizer and soil amendments.

Necessary Garden Supplies

  • Storage area/shed for all equipment

  • 2 Hand Pruners  

  • 1 Galvanized metal 5 quart pail 

  • 6 Pairs Garden Gloves (nitrile coated last longer) 

  • 6 Garden hats or baseball caps (thrift store)

  • 1 Garden Hose 50-100 feet depending on size of garden 

  • 1 Garden hose timer attaches to spigot

  • 1 plastic watering can (2 gallon) 

  • Set of plastic measuring spoons and cups 

  • 2 pairs of scissors  

Helpful Items to Have Nearby

  • First aid kit

  • Insect repellent spray

  • Drinkable water

  • 30 Gallon garbage bags

  • Kleenex,  paper towels

  • Kneeling pad or kneeling bench 

  • Sunscreen

  • Calendar, notebook and pen to record plantings, fertilizing, disease/pest control and harvest dates

Prevent spreading plant disease.

Sterilize garden tools in areas that touch ground or plant.


  • Method 1:  Isopropyl Alcohol  (70%-100%) to wipe, spray or dip. ​

  • Method 2: Soak tool for 30 minutes in 1 part household bleach to 9 parts water.

Tip: Tools may be donated by volunteers  or local businesses

  • Have a "Build the  Giving Garden Party/Shower"

  • Let your local garden center know about your giving garden. They may offer you reduced prices on plants or perhaps save the end of the season seeds for you to have for free!

Garden Tools: List
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