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What's been happening in the Giving Garden Summer 2020?

Linda delivering watermelons Our prized heirloom tomato: 0 .67 pounds -

to a local special needs residential larger than a man's hand!


Post Garden Evaluation:

Even though the world was controlled by the CoVid pandemic, we still gardened in the open air as we had the garden to ourselves! It was safe and refreshing to get outdoors and work the soil, plant the seeds and tend the crops with our hands even though most days were 91 degrees and 86% humidity!

We had minimal insect invasion this year, but had to contend with powdery mildew attack.

Production statistics of Vegetables Given Away:

Cucumbers: 26 (including some delicious Armenian cucumbers that require no peeling!)

Corn: 72 ears

Eggplant: 27 (plus 25 yet to mature)

Green beans: 20 lbs.

Onions: 48

Bell Peppers: 122

Summer Squash: 160

Tomatoes: 418 (our best producers were heirloom tomatoes like Beefsteak)

Watermelons: 15 (crimson sweet) - the largest was 19 lbs! (Plus no raccoons!)

Zucchini: 54

We praise God for His bountiful harvest! We may plant it, but only He makes it grow!

"I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth. So neither he who plants nor he who waters is anything, but only God who gives the growth." I Cor. 3: 6-7

This is the reason we always pray as we plant each crop, tree or plant: "Lord, we plant this in the name of Jesus and ask that You make it grow for Your glory and honor." At harvest we take time to remember to thank God for His faithfulness and generosity.

Lessons learned for next year:

We need a preventative plan in place to organically spray regularly for powdery mildew before it begins and throughout season. Also, add more lime (calcium) when tomatoes are first planted to discourage blossom end rot. In an emergency you can actually add two cups of milk to each plant for a quick boost of calcium. For the corn next year we will have to hand pollinate our small patch to ensure full kernels on the entire corn cob but what was produced this season was very sweet!

Now that your garden has been produced, picked and distributed, it is time to evaluate your season and make notes for next year. Please take time to tell us about your garden harvests or maybe what you plan to plant for the next season.

Until our next post ........ Get out and Garden!!! The Garden Ladies

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