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Problem Solved - Finally!

After five gardening seasons, we have had it with armadillos, dollar weed and nut sedge taking over or killing our cross-shaped grass!

BEFORE with grass center

We just didn’t feel it was healthy to have to continually spray weed killer on the grass which is next to our organic garden beds.

Solution??? Replace grass with white small #51 gravel.

The existing grass was killed and a landscape preventative mat secured on ground with landscape pins. Then the pebbles were brought in at 2” thickness.

What a dramatic change from dead to pristine! Problem Solved!

AFTER with white pebble center

However, to be perfectly honest, within a week somehow the dollar weed and nut sedge reappeared. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn. We had the installer spray it again, which helped, but our secret weapon was to sprinkle the nutsedge with sugar and water in. Since the dollar weed is only along the edge and we do not plan to plant anything there in the future, we used SALT sprinkled on the dollar weed to kill it. The salt dehydrates the dollar weed.

Caution: don’t use heavy salt application where you will have plants in the future. It takes a long time to wash out of the soil.

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