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I don't see anything.

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

In the fall we invite the preschool next door to plant carrot seeds in the garden. We gave each one a child-sized trowel and told them to dig in a specified raised bed. They dug, and dug, and DUG… gleefully. That soil was WELL churned. We smoothed the soil with a large rake and then showed them how to put their carrot seeds on top of the soil. The Garden Lady said, “Now, children, since God creates you and everything in His beautiful world, as well as this garden, we are going to pray and ask Him to help it grow. Let’s bow our heads and close our eyes. Dear God, please help our carrot seeds to grow strong in this garden for Your glory and honor. AMEN.”

Silence..............Then a small boy’s voice said, “Where are they (the carrots)? I don’t see anything ."

Stifling our chuckles, we explained that planting a garden takes time and patience. Each child was given a small watering can to wet their seeds, and then they skipped back to the preschool. Yes, we all learn many things from the garden.

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